Life Lesson #2

"Check In"

Hello Gift!

Are you present?

Maybe its time you relaxed your shoulders, connect your meet to the ground and took a few deep breaths and slowly released air out of your nose – close your eyes too…then get back to reading below!

Leah’s Lessons - What Am I Transcending?

It’s the beginning of week 4 in self incubation and 28 weeks into gestation (our baby is making an appearance this summer 2020). I have been mostly ordering baby stuff online and trying not to get frustrated with the act that I cannot shop I for things as I usually would- online shopping has ever really been my thing. I like to touch, experience in interact with what I am buying as much as possible.

Honestly, I am welcoming the space to create and reconnect with why I do what I do and how it could be of benefit to others.

I have more time to meditate, an empty outdated limiting crap form my head and heart space. In such an identity driven world where I have been in many roles or Woman; Woman of Colour; Caribbean Heritage; African Ancestry; Social Worker; Survivor; Yoga Teacher; Sister; Daughter; Friend and soon to be Mother. Its been magical to peel back the layers, undress from definitions that often confine my lived experience instead of expand it. Whilst I am grateful for all the opportunities and loving connections in my life I really needed time to come back to the laws of nature and the universe…come home to my eternally eternal self…my presence…my darkness and my light.

These roles make up a lot of who I am on the stage of my life’s physical performance but they do not define what I truly am and why I came to this planet on this healing journey. The positivist in me recognises I must embrace this cocoon stage and enter the new earth we will all have to face as a beautiful butterfly. There is no fixed idea about what the future will hold for us all but what I know is that it matters less and less hen I am present in my own stage of awareness – rotating between the polarities of mindless and mindful.

What is this time space teaching you?

"Hot Stuff"

I’m a fire child so the flame is always burning! It feels good to see people’s passions rising to the surface…people on the frontline stepping up and into their duties to keep the word turning. It feels good to ignite and align my own purpose during this time, getting more digital confidence and finding ways to support and serve others room my living room and lap top. The Earth Energy is shifting and I feel myself recharging more and more – This month I have attend and been part of some amazing virtual platforms from such inspiration women.

Reiki Share with my Teacher Diana Cox - South London Reiki

Spiritual tools Master Class with my Teacher Shola Arewa – Enegery4Life

Moon Circle with Maria from Wild Women Sisterhood

Community Conversation exploring ways of supporting Domestic Abuse Victims affected by Covid 19 distancing and isolation with Donna Murray Turner – ANOS

Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Yoga with Charmaine Murray – Injoy Yoga, Charmine is also our Doula!

These platforms have inspired me to find my Why, What, When & How!

"Keepin’ my Cool"

Like many its be difficult to see people suffer, struggle and leaving the physical world unexpectedly. While others a bulk buying, or not even trying by hanging out in parks and having bbq’s. My release radar for this month letting go of judgment, allowing myself to become more aware of the neutral vibration. The frequency that accepts there is not right or wrong – there just is! Everything and all is a part of the Ashe…is a part of creation…is a part of us.

"Check Out"

Books – I am currently reading; Tobe Melora Correal- Fiding Soul on the path of Orisa & Jeffery L Fine – The Art of Conscious Parenting

Affirmation – I am currently repeating; I am a Friend to Myself! My Body & My Baby know what to do!

Crystal – I am currently connecting with; Shungite – I am finding this stone great to work with for releasing an redirecting unwanted energy!

Instagram - @livandlearnwithlah

What’s app - +447737638990

FaceBook - Leah IV Bedward or LIV & Learn with Leah Page

Join New Face Book Group’s

Wise Wild Women – a space for transforming women’s wellness, conscious awareness and evolution. Take pat or start conversations…to explore and learn new ways of being present, transcending identity and LIVin on purpose!

Mindlessly Mindful Mama’s – Mama’s to be, new and experienced are invited to join this group for collective learning and sharing. Looking at how we overcome and what we experience as well as how are wok through or deal with obstacles in relation to motherhood/womanhood journey.

Youtube - Leah I V Bedward – I am yet to make a video but its coming soon!

Thank you or your presence, You are doing your best, You are love!


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