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Belated Full Moon Greetings!

Are you present?

Maybe its time you relaxed your shoulders, connect your feet to the ground, take a few deep breaths and slowly release air in & out of your nose – close your eyes too…then get back to reading below!

Mindlessly Mindful Mama - What Am I Transcending?

32 weeks into pregnancy and several weeks into Covid 19 isolations I am coming to many interesting and transforming discoveries. What I define about myself I confine about myself, I am more than just becoming a mother. Where does my eternal being fit into the equation? What am I outside or roles, titles and identities?

These questions have led me to a space of emptiness…freedom from thought and a deeper connection with the divine plan. So while I am not exactly clear on why I came here in the first place I am not longer apologising for boundaries I set or choices I make. I am committed to myself acceptance and discovery…returning home to what I value and what I want from this life. Ahhhhhh wanting…I am enjoying the truth that surrounds my wanting – the Scorpio full moon has really helped to clarify my desires…instead of focusing on what don’t want. For example this month I have been creating a Birth Bliss Board – its all about those around me honouring my inner wisdom and choices surrounding an active undisturbed physiological natural birth.

Outside of this I have focused more on how I aim to balance and nourish myself in this new stage of womanhood, how I will serve others in sisterhood. I have realised early on that I want to move past traditional normative expectations within womanhood, motherhood, blackness etc. This has a fair amount of complexity to it! I still ask myself ‘where are all the black mothers in the spaces I occupy?’ Motherhood groups and circles are riddled with nuance and often I experience being the only black woman I the mainstream prenatal services such as NCT class, yoga class or expectant mother support group, I also happen to be the only one who chooses to co parent living apart from our baby’s father, culturally for me strongest support in my life has always been my mother, biological sister or sisterhood. I could not fathom giving birth without them many of which as wise and have had children themselves to therefore experts by experience. At present I am not clear what role a man can play in birth but totally understand ad want early bonding to take place between father and child. With this comes lots of exiling t women who apparently only need one persons shoulder to lean on…their husband and going by the looks or pity or disdain I get I should too – what if you don’t want to get married? Whilst may parents have been married over 50 years, it would take a unique set up for me to consider this as a life choice. Then there’s most of the imagery and advertising that comes from mainstream pregnancy ad birth industry which isn’t representative or inclusive which can present as a trigger too – if you can’t see yourself reflected how do you know the service is for you? Then if I choose to join motherhood networks for women of colour that’s all there is – these exclusive ‘safe’ spaces that may work for some but I don’t really like exclusion I support activism around inclusion – reclaiming spaces, like when Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus.

The feminine approach in most circles is also the same white washed well-meaning spaces or majorly lacking in including all voices ad perspectives... what’s a girl to do? So I guess I am transcending the chameleon life where I just float across different spaces reclaiming what’s true to me and hoping optimistically that someday will get the balance right! Women need spaces that honour us all, acknowledging the way deep rooted inequalities, injustice and privilege that still impact on the lives on many women today. So I am valuing my role in moving from space of judgment into the space of… this just is…until I isn’t… in my work have the power to create a safe space that and inclusive, holistic and celebratory – Yay! While I am fully aware that the Identity I have is just a ‘role’ occupy…I will still ask myself questions and write about the process of being in this identity for me tis contributes to my awareness, and mindful mama-ness.

This month I would like to c=shout out to Candice Braithwaite on her new book ‘I am not your baby mother - released at the end this month. She is the founder of ‘Make Motherhood Diverse’ which has great stories and narratives by mothers fro all walks of life.

A podcast I have been tuning to is ‘Melanin, Medicine and Motherhood’ – it’s been a great reminder of why sisterhood is important, and the power of coaching of course!

As I get ready to enter deeper into the third trimester of pregnancy, my body speaks to me intuitively, our baby communicates lovingly and the eternal being that is me glows divinely. This has got to be the most uncertain time space to have a baby, yet the perfect time to be distancing from a manmade reality that’s been out of alignment with nature for some time. Can you feel the energy sifting, humanity learning in so many ways from the ebb and flow of this experience? Those of us here to help co create he earths new reality…your time is now… all the holistic workers, energy healers’ community builders, are being called to shine their light as a key part of the ‘essential’ workers of the future.

I hope your able to find peace in the storm, we may not be in the same ship but we are weathering some of the same human norms. Emotions are ever present, feelings of worry, doubt, connection, love are all part of being human. While our circumstances are very different, the opportunity to make new discoveries remains consistent!

I have a Wellness Coaching offer this month!

Discovery sessions are Free…further details are in the LIV&Learn News Letter and contact details are below!

Affirmation; I am Wonderfully Made!

Crystal Clear; Rose Quartz – this s all about love healing and compassion, helps release a heavy heart and connect with self-love!

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