Reiki is an Ancient Japanese & Kemetic form of hands on and off energy channelling. It is a holistic therapy that helps balance energy centres within the aura and the body. Reiki helps us clear & release unwanted or restricted energy within and around usm even n our petsm plants and homes. Reiki connects mind ,body and spirit to enable healing, deep relaxation and wellness.


I offer 121 channelling and teach Reiki levels 1 and 2.

“Embrace more of who you truly are...reconnect, realign, restore"


Smai Taui Yoga is an ancient ancestral yogic system form the Nile Valley in Africa. It is a mind, body soul practice involving rhythmic movements, still postures, and meditation. Smai Taui enables us to bring our physical self and non physical self into union.


Group classes, private yoga therapy, yoga 4 young women or couples yoga sessions available.

"Enjoy tuning into your Divine Inner Being"


Birthing my son during 2020 led me to Abuela Doula’s, having a Doula for pregnancy, birth and postpartum created a peaceful, powerful and positive experience. I then decided to train with award winning Doula, Mars Lord. Personal and professional experiences of supporting people, listening to their needs and holding safe space; opened the gateway to ‘birthing’ Woke Womb Wisdom!


I bring laughter, warmth and nourishing reassurance to you and your loved ones during your journey to parenthood. If you’re looking to birth your way, I can help light your wat to getting clear, confident and prepared for birth and beyond. I connect ancient ways with modern days using healing holistic treats.

"I am YOUR Birth Keeper - an extension of you and your partner. Present through the transition from conception to birth, uplifting the after birth."

Wellness Coaching is all about getting from where you are now to right where you want be. This could involve Energy Nutrition to boost your physical health. Energy Balance to manage stress and find your bliss. Energy Psychology, mindfillness or spiritual development. I trained with Renowned expert and energy doctor Caroline Shola Arewa, who taught me the high vibe Energy4life consciousness model


Coaching is a way of looking at your lifestyle, creating space to explore what you want, how you want to feel; or what you to change & leave behind.


Coaching is a great way to begin setting goals. exploring your values and self-worth as well as to create and enable self-love.

“Are you using or abusing your energy...could you use it differently?”


Creativity is the key to unlocking our gifts, LIV Community chamions workng wth Women & Girls to enable exactly that! LIV Community delivers holistic activities that explore realtonships, gender and wellbeing, using beauty fashion, arts, yoga, & storytelling to educate, create awareness, & boost self-esteem.  I create bespoke masterclasses and workshops for groups, clubs, education settings to suit.

I am a registered social worker with avalid DBS to facilitate Creative Self Care & Wellbeing workshops and Motivational Speaking for professionals, parents, carers and vulnerable groups.

“Let your creativity you can just BE"

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