To truly LIV Well is a choice! If we could, we would all choose to feel good all the time, right? Yet I know how hard it can be to maintain a sunny positive outlook each and every day - are we even meant to?LIV recognises that none of us are immune to personal difficulties, emotional challenges or circumstances beyond our control…life requires balance, self care and time to create space to nurture our Inner Selfie so that we can cope with whatever comes out way!


At LIV, we know that no matter your age, shoe size or background; the Outer Selfie must be in balance with the Inner Selfie to truly Feel Good…which all is that matters! I use coaching, reiki crystal therapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and arts to teach SELF LOVE, which can help you create your own definition of healing, wellness & joy. ! 

"We may at times Rush to Work, We may at times Fight into Fitness, May We Often Find Ways to Love Ourselves into Wellness"


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