Reiki is an Ancient Japanese form of hands on and off energy healing. It is a holistic therapy that helps balance energy centres within the aura and the body. Reiki helps us  release unwanted or restricted energy. Reiki connects mind , body and spirit to enable healing, deep relaxation and wellness.


I offer  treatments and teach Reiki levels 1 and 2, please ask for more details.

“Embrace more of who you truly are..."


Smai Taui Yoga is an ancient ancestral yogic system form the Nile Valley in Africa. It is a mind, body soul practice involving rhythmic movements, still postures, and meditation. Smai Taui enables us to bring our physical self and non physical self into union.


Group classes, private yoga therapy, yoga 4 young women or couples yoga sessions available.

"Enjoy tuning into your Divine Inner Being!"


Creativity is the key to unlocking our gifts, LIV creative enables exactly that! LIV delivers holistic activities with children and young people, using beauty fashion, arts, yoga, & storytelling to educate, create awareness, boost self-esteem and well-being.  I create bespoke masterclasses and workshops for groups, clubs, education settings to suit your aims, targets and outcomes.


LIV creative is for adults too, thinking about having a 'self care, pamper evening or tarot party? LIV can help you plan!



I have a valid DBS to facilitate Creative Self Care & Wellbeing workshops and Motivational Speaking for professionals, parents, carers and vulnerable groups.

“Let your creativity free..."

Wellness coaching is all about getting from where you are now to right where you want be. This could involve energy nutrition, energy balance body work, energy psychology or spiritual development.


The human energy system is made up of various energy centres which are sometimes referred to as chakras or nerve plexus  in and around the body. Coaching is a good way of looking at your lifestyle, creating space to explore what you want, how you want to feel; or what you to change & leave behind.


Coaching is a great way to begin exploring your values and self-worth as well as to create and enable self-love.

“Are you using or abusing your energy...could you use it differently?”

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