LIV Holistic was birthed by Ms Leah 'Lala' Bedward (Me!). The journey to becoming a consciousness revolutionary has involved training as a Birth Doula, Smai Egyptian Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) approved E4L (Energy4Life) Energy and Wellness Coach based in London & Jamaica.

I hope that LIV Holistic will enable and support others to embrace more of who they want to be and enhance the balance of their lives - if you are pregnant looking for a Birth Doula; have a health or wellness goal then Coaching, Yoga classes of one to one Reiki therapy is a great way of achieving this.  LIV integrates my portfolio of occupational experiences within the fields of Performance, Social Work, Fashion, Beauty, Reiki, Herbal Healing, & Well-being. I am a registered & insured CMA, HCPC & DBS professional.  with gratitude I share LIV Holistic with many in schools, social work offices, community spaces and health clubs. My awakenings have stemmed from learning about  energy medicine, thought form, empowerment, self love, creativity, trauma sensitivity, spirituality and most importantly the balance of divine masculinity & divine femininity within.

LIV Holistic specialises in the bespoke services, products and events. Whether it’s sensitive chilled yoga, reiki therapy, or specific wellness goals you have in mind? Or a herbal yoni steam blend, intuitive crystal healing or just a reflective chat over a cup of home-made herbal tea, i’ll have something tailor made to ensure your able to connect back to yourself and feel the goodness factor!

“I'm all about the LOVE!”

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